First Blog

Hello world!

I have been resisting the blogging culture for quite some time now. This is probably because I normally have nothing interesting to say, or I’ve felt that some people like to say too much (and I don’t want to be perceived to be one of those). Today, for the first time, I have felt like I should blog about something, so look out for my second post following soon.

When it comes to technical discussions, I sometimes feel I can contribute, but in my line of work I need to progress much further before I will feel that I am an expert. I compare myself to some of the leaders in my field (Mosha Pasumansky, Christoper Web and Darren Gosbell being my favourites) and I see how far I have to go. Still, I am yet to walk into a job and not add value, so maybe I’m ok at what I do. Given this, I will focus my blogs on general issues around operating as a BI developer and contracting. Hopefully I don’t end up sucking at it 🙂



About Craig Bryden

I am a husband, father and sometimes I masquerade as an experienced Business Intelligence practitioner and Database Developer. I focus on the Microsoft SQL Server suite of products, and in addition have experience with C# and some team leading experience. I have also presented at SQL Saturday events and user groups I currently hold multiple Microsoft certifications, MCTS - SQL Server 2005, and MCTS - SQL Server 2008 Business Intelligence Development and Maintenance, MCTS - SQL Server 2008 Database Developer, MCITP - Business Intelligence Developer 2008, and Microsoft Certified Trainer, MCSA & MCSE - Business Intelligence (2012)
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One Response to First Blog

  1. Iman says:

    Craig, thanks for all of your help on SSRS.

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